LOGIC Enterprise-Core Payroll Software

LOGIC ERP Payroll Management Software provides an advanced solution for various payroll processes like maintaining detailed employee record, various modes of salary calculation like hourly, piece wise wages etc., overtime/undertime management, maintaining statutory records and much more.

key Features

  • Maintain detailed employee records with option to attach various documents digitally
  • Define flexible payroll calculation period. Payroll can be calculated monthly or as per user defined period.
  • Multi-Branch employee management.
  • Employee payroll calculation mode can be periodic fixed salary, hourly or piece rate based
  • Customizable addition/deductions can be defined for each employee
  • Configurable payroll calculation modes for each employee or a group of employees
  • Comprehensive overtime and under time management
  • Shift wise payroll management.
  • Import daily attendance from external source like excel or biometric device
  • Flexible modes of entry of attendance available like detailed log of time in/time out or just marking present or absent.
  • Leave management with option of Casual Leaves/Sick Leaves/Optional Leaves etc.
  • Holiday management with Sundays/Week Offs or holidays automatically marked as Paid Leave or option to provide overtime on Sundays/Week Offs or holidays
  • Tracking of loans/advances given to employees and automatic monthly deduction from salary.
  • Linking of production/manufacturing directly with payroll in case of piece wise work like job work etc.
  • Various statutory reports for ESI, Provident fund included
  • Tax calculation and TDS deduction from salary.
  • Arrears calculation and disbursement with salary.
  • Posting of calculated salary in accounts in summarized form.
Modules Covered

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