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What is a MOM Solution in the Manufacturing Industry and how can it Help Your Company?

Meeting client obligations while producing a value product is difficult. For successful operations, the manufacturing sector works with a variety of industrial partners and corporate enterprises. In addition, they are complicated by changing financial concerns, commercial administration, and compliance demands. To stay up with today’s modern robust corporate environments, there is a tremendous demand for efficient systems that provide flexible changes and elevated data access to aid informed decision making. Logic ERP is a widely customizable and versatile software solution that can help you in improving your companies back-office processes and gaining profits.

What is Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Software?

Manufacturing Operations Management Software (MOMS) aids in the optimization of operations by scheduling, integrating, and aggregating shop-floor automation activities, as well as a broader spectrum of production processes and associated services, to the firm’s comprehensive reporting software. Supervisors, plant managers, and operators can benefit from trustworthy MOM Software by gaining vital information and insights to enable them take the essential measures for long-term operational efficiency.

Manufacturing businesses are well aware that technological advances like the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are reshaping the market. However, for many people, deciding where to start their digital transformation journey remains a struggle. First, you must identify and assess bottlenecks that are stopping you from achieving your business objectives, such as:

  • Downtime

Unforeseen events (such as equipment jamming or component malfunctions) as well as scheduled downtime (for routine maintenance) both cost a lot of money. These losses can be reduced by using a proactive information management strategy.

  • Imprecise job costs

Margin pressure is present in every manufacturing business today, from both domestic and global rivals. You won’t be able to see your margins if you can’t correctly and in legitimate time monitor labor and material costs. You can’t take corrective action if you don’t have sight, thus revenues drop.

  • Delayed logistics/cargo

Despite the fact that operations have a strategy, unstructured and fragmented processes make it impossible to carry it out smoothly. Resource constraints, inadequate capacity, quality difficulties, a lot of changeovers, all contribute to delays.

  • Lack of willingness to establish delivery dates that are reasonable

This is a telltale sign that operations lack transparency into demand and availability, as well as resource accessibility, and hence cannot provide sales with precise delivery dates.

Rethink Your Operating Model

Advanced MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) digital solutions are meant to help medium and small enterprises improve productivity by giving them actual visibility into industrial activities. When used in conjunction with an ERP system like the one from Logic ERP, a MOM program allows management to more precisely maximize productivity levels. It has important aspects for reporting sales floor information and evaluating areas of improvement in the following areas:

  • Automation

Digitalization is based on interoperability. A MOM platform is a service that connects to equipment, collects valuable information from those units, and analyses it.

  • Data collection

Notepads and journal reports are no longer in use. Data can be digitally captured thanks to technological transformation. Operators can use gadgets like touch displays and biometric scanners to enter data.

  • Result monitoring

MOM software offers a multitude of key performance indicators and requests based on the plethora of instantaneous data points collected from the sales floor, allowing managers to track advancement and be alerted of issues (such as hardware failures, handovers, down time, workflow deformities, or broken components) so they can take appropriate action.

  • Prior planning and management

Using a MOM approach, you may design a practical, feasible production schedule based on real ability and resources. You can simply prioritize jobs and boost productivity by decreasing rework.


Since MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) systems provide comprehensive, unified logs of all business dealings, they are most successful when incorporated with a manufacturer’s ERP system. Increased productivity, lower expenses, and the elimination of the stress of “consistently putting out fires” are all recognized benefits of this alliance. The solution from Logic ERP is a unified, integrated approach for monitoring the manufacturing process from start to finish, and it’s a key step on the path to total digitization.