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Touchless Retail

Make Your Grocery Store Contactless Retail Ready with Scan-and-Go

2020 is about to end. We witnessed a lot of changes in the retail, distribution, and manufacturing sector, especially after the COVID-19 hit hard on the global scale. It was enough to change the grocery store experience for both, shopper and grocer. Many shoppers who used to go grocery shopping every few days suddenly started panicking from going outside at

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Contactless Payments are the Future of Retail Business

Since the start of this global pandemic, there have been dramatic changes in our lives, and the business models of almost every industry. People started adopting online shopping & payment methods, home delivery of groceries experienced a huge boost, and much more. The COVID-19 also accelerated the demand for cashless payment modes as consumers want to

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LOGIC Helps Retailers Conduct Touchless Retailing Business Practices

Retailers are facing a lot of challenges during these pandemic times. Consumers are showing interest in touchless shopping options, while retailers are also reconstructing store operations to offer an efficient and safe shopping experience, especially when it’s about supermarkets or grocery stores. The idea is to: Provide a measure that could minimize

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