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How a POS System Can Increase Your Retail Sales in 2021?

If we talk about the business world, then 2020 has been the year of innovations and digitalization. Many changes were witnessed throughout the year because of the ongoing pandemic. Retailers, distributors, manufacturers, everyone started looking for innovative solutions that can enable them to work remotely, with safety and security. And POS systems are one

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The Future of Fashion in Contactless Commerce

In the fashion & apparel industry, one of the things that a consumer desires are to have a close connection with his/her favorite brands and the party behind them. But now, during the pandemic and after it’s all over, they want to make less physical contact as much as possible. The restrictions placed during the lockdown period had a great impact on

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Why use ERP Software in Mobiles & Electronic Store Business?

To decide on which technologies and solutions your business shouldn’t and should invest is a tricky task. Also, you are responsible for growth and innovation within your business. On the other hand, you have to make sure not to bet on a failed project. So, is it worth it to invest in ERP software? This question might have come into your mind at least

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What is Advance Stock Replenishment & Why do you need one?

Advance Stock Replenishment (ASR) module has been designed to refill the inventory of Stores/Branches based on their requirement as defined in the master level on auto mode. The replenishment module can help the organization to run smooth operation of inventory movement from warehouse to Stores/Branches. The merchandising team can define parameters into the

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Use PayTM Dynamic QR to Accept POS Payments from any UPI Enabled App

One of the main concerns right now for the government is how to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Although they introduced various guidelines to prevent community spread of the virus, it seems to still grow in number day-by-day. Now the question here is, “what can you do to play your part as a retailer, shop owners, restaurant owner, etc.?”

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How Billing Software can speed-up your Billing Process?

Are you looking for smart & reliable billing software for your business? That’s a great idea. But you need to understand the core elements of your business first. No doubt a feasible billing process holds the key to manage the flow of money from the customers. But building your own billing mechanism from scratch that suits your business requirements

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How to manage your Restaurant during COVID-19 Crisis?

From the past few weeks, the COVID-19 virus has affected the whole world in a very severe way. In these tough times, the whole world had come together to fight this pandemic. Every industry is playing its role to provide support to the society and the restaurant industry is one of them. Restaurants have a huge responsibility to ensure the health and safety

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Reasons to choose LOGIC Salon & Spa Software in 2020

Most people find their trip to the spa or salon a way of relaxing themselves after a grind of day-to-day life. You may be flustered behind the scenes, scheduling & rescheduling, appointing roles to your staff, disinfectant in hand, and managing one task after another. But all your clients see is a perfect illustration of decadence and peace. This is

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