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fashion retail

Channel Agnostic Shopping

Channel-Agnostic Shopping: The Future of Fashion Retail

In today's dynamic world, consumers don't just shop – they experience brands. They connect with stories, build memories, and forge relationships. This is especially true in the fashion industry, where personal style is a form of self-expression. The rise of eCommerce offered unparalleled convenience and accessibility, but the mobile revolution took

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Phygital Retail Convention 2024

Insights from the Phygital Retail Convention 2024

At the Phygital Retail Convention 2024 held at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai, Logic ERP highlighted several crucial trends and strategies shaping the future of retail, with a particular focus on the "Channel-Agnostic Shopping: Omnichannel Retail". As the retail landscape evolves, consumers are increasingly demanding flexible and seamless

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