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Gratitude and Humility: Reflecting on LOGIC ERP Impactful Presence at IFF 2024
IFF 2024

With heartfelt gratitude and a spirit of humility, Logic ERP expresses deep appreciation for the invaluable opportunity to participate in the India Fashion Forum (IFF) 2024, contributing to the event’s collective success. Against the backdrop of the vibrant Hotel Conrad in Bengaluru, our engagement reflected a sincere commitment to positively influence the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry. As a company, we had the honor of orchestrating a panel discussion titled “Let’s Make Fashion Supply Chain Great: From Factory to Retail Shelves,” graciously moderated by our esteemed Director of Enterprise Innovation, Ms. Inaayat Rehmat Guram.

This insightful panel brought together esteemed industry leaders from brands such as Being Human, Lacoste India, and Snitch. Their generous sharing of insights on overcoming challenges related to returns and optimizing reverse logistics costs in the omnichannel retail space showcased the collaborative and humble spirit of the event. Logic ERP sincerely appreciates the opportunity to be part of this enriching dialogue, where leaders like Sanjeev Rao, Abhishek Raj, Siddharth Dungarwal, and Apoorv Sen shared their strategic approaches, weaving a tapestry of perspectives aligned with the intricacies of the industry.


The IFF 2024 event stands as a significant milestone for Logic ERP, reinforcing our role as contributors to the collective growth of the industry. Rather than boasting, we humbly acknowledge our position as grateful participants, actively engaged in conversations that shape the future of the fashion supply chain. This event exemplifies our sincere dedication to remaining attuned to industry developments and leveraging our expertise to collaboratively pioneer solutions. As Logic ERP continues the journey of enterprise innovation, events like IFF 2024 further emphasize our commitment to humble participation, recognizing the collaborative effort needed to cultivate a more efficient and transformative fashion retail landscape.