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How Logic ERP helps you in Running a Sustainable Retail Business?

The COVID-19 pandemic was like a wake-up alarm for business owners all over the world, which forced them to rethink their current business models. Especially in the retail sector, everyone started looking for sustainable retail practices to acquire current and potential customers. You have to understand that today’s consumer is well aware of the

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Technologies Transforming The Fashion Retail Sector

In a fashion & apparel business, one of the difficult tasks is to understand the rapidly changing demands of customers and to address them on time. A current trend can become a talk-of-old-days in the fashion industry. That’s how versatile this market is. According to cio.com, the Indian fashion retail industry will become USD 115 billion market till

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Why use ERP Software in Mobiles & Electronic Store Business?

To decide on which technologies and solutions your business shouldn’t and should invest is a tricky task. Also, you are responsible for growth and innovation within your business. On the other hand, you have to make sure not to bet on a failed project. So, is it worth it to invest in ERP software? This question might have come into your mind at least

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