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Use PayTM Dynamic QR to Accept POS Payments from any UPI Enabled App

One of the main concerns right now for the government is how to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Although they introduced various guidelines to prevent community spread of the virus, it seems to still grow in number day-by-day. Now the question here is, “what can you do to play your part as a retailer, shop owners, restaurant owner, etc.?”

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Why Should Retailers Use POS Software in their Retail Business?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak has started, the world witnessed a rapid change in shopper’s buying behavior. The rate at which online transactions and online shopping trend has grown over the last couple of months shows that old business models are no longer an option to work with. For retailers, if they desire to grow their consumer base, centralize the

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Supply Chain Optimization after the COVID -19 Outbreak

You will agree on the fact that the supply chain is a tricky task, and now after the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become much complex than ever. Businesses all over the world are re-examining the risks involved in their operations and implementing new sourcing strategies. As a retailer, you need to understand why supply chain transformation is necessary, and

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LOGIC Introduced AapTak Mobile App for Online Ordering of Items

One thing that became clear from the COVID-19 pandemic is that people have started to prefer online shopping methods over traditional shopping. It is also a good thing because, in this age of digitalization where everything is connected to the internet, nobody wants to stick to old means. Also, if you wish to keep yourself safe from getting infected,

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Changing Culture of Grocery Shopping with Online Grocery System

When the COVID-19 pandemic started and a complete country lockdown was announced, an unprecedented challenge started for the grocery stores and food retailers. Consumers started stocking up on essential items and retailers were facing supply chain disruption. The result - empty shelves. But as the COVID-19 crisis stirred up, the culture of grocery shopping

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Why You Should Replace Paper Receipts With Digital Receipts?

The COVID-19 impact is still on the rise. You may have heard in the news too that how figures are increasing daily, and why it is necessary to maintain a social distancing. People have to avoid touching unknown things when they go outside. It could be the first reason to avoid paper receipts. Apart from that, according to a report, retail generate around

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How to Address Post-COVID-19 Challenges of the Supermarket?

As the world is slowly recovering from COVID-19 crisis, businesses have started to think about new strategies to overcome the losses they suffered during this global pandemic. The same goes for the supermarkets. As we all know that you can buy a wide range of products in a grocery store or supermarket. People’s lives are dependent on these stores as they

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