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5 Ways to Start Transforming Your Logistics Today

The thing about going through a crisis is that you may sometimes come out of it better than you were before. Manufacturers have shifted their focus to other markets, causing disruptions across the supply chain. Those shocks and disruptions, on the other hand, expose something else: the holes in our production processes. They show us where we can improve – and where we can get a competitive advantage – and one of the most critical areas is our warehouse management systems. Warehouse operations that aren’t optimized will drive up expenses and lower profitability. Digital transformation – particularly with technology that provides visibility into your warehouse management and supply chain – is a crucial method to offer your company an advantage both before and after disruption by optimizing and efficiently managing resources. When everyone on and off the floor gets real-time access to information about what’s going on in your warehouse, with Logic ERP warehouse management services you gain a competitive advantage by being able to:

  • Make fewer mistakes: Humans make one data input error every 300 characters on average. Data is captured automatically and in real-time using digital technologies. This eliminates errors and issues like inventory stockouts and needless reorders.

  • Make the most of your time: Because critical information ends up in someone’s inbox or on a piece of paper on their desk, manual input causes delays. Delays in order picking and delivery, for example. Real-time processing in your ERP system saves delays and lost time.

  • Save money: When your inventory is incorrect, you spend money by ordering more than you need accidentally or expediting due to unforeseen shortages (do both of these scenarios sound familiar?). Going digital improves accuracy and reduces costs.

  • Improve customer and staff satisfaction: When a client’s shipment is late, missing some products, or contains incorrect items, it frustrates them, as well as your workers, who must rush to remedy the problem. Customers are happier (and spend more money with you) when you have real-time, precise inventory data, and staff is more productive and less stressed.

5 ways to start transforming your logistics today

  • Go paperless to streamline operations

Going paperless has the objective of reducing or eliminating data latency and errors that occur while paperwork sits on people’s desks waiting to be entered into other systems With Logic ERP help you know you can streamline data. Integrating barcode scanning into your ERP is a quick and easy method to start collecting accurate data about your on-the-floor transactions, such as cycle counting tickets, pick slips, delivery notes, purchase orders, and more. Scanning a barcode causes the system to update in real-time, allowing everyone to see what’s going on.

  • Automate your labeling to save time

Data is quickly scanned into your ERP using barcode reading equipment. However, before you can scan an item, you’ll need a strong barcode labeling process in place: when and where do things get their labels; what type of data has to be recorded; and what label format to employ. Because of its potential to simplify and speed the scanning process, 2D barcodes are quickly becoming a favorite. They employ patterns of shapes, similar to QR codes, to collect several pieces of information such as lot number, SKU code, and quantity, allowing operators to record all three in a single “smart” scan. 2D barcodes, unlike 1D barcodes, take up less space on your labels and scan more precisely across short and long distances.

  • By recording data in real-time, you may get more visibility

Nothing is more frustrating than your front office staff having to call the warehouse to double-check if an item is in stock before making an order. By guaranteeing proper inventory, barcode scanners minimize lost time and stress. With barcode scanning, you can save time. We’ve all experienced telephone tag. When a CSR contacts a warehouse manager to inquire about an order’s status, they get voicemail. The warehouse dials the CSR’s number to clarify an order, but the CSR is already on the phone. Multiply this back-and-forth by a large number of employees, several times each day, and you have a lot of lost time. Barcode scanning guarantees that information is accurate and current in both the office and the warehouse. There will be no more phone or email tags or any unnecessary hassle with Logic ERP services.

  • Validate as you receive, move and choose to improve accuracy

As the operator scans barcodes, the operator verifies SKUs, locations, lot and serial numbers, and more. If you choose the erroneous item, the operator will be notified right away. This avoids mistakes like sending the wrong item to the client (returns are expensive margin-eaters) and counting the wrong items during cycle counts (which results in inaccurate inventory and all the myriad problems resulting from this).

Wrapping It Up

The benefits of all these amendments through Logic ERP include a 90% increase in visibility, greater accuracy, more productivity, better workflow, and happier customers. These are the kinds of outcomes that make businesses better and stronger following a catastrophe like COVID-19. Integrating ERP and barcoding systems improves efficiency while also saving time and money. This puts you in a good position to not only survive the pandemic but also to be one of the 42% of businesses that increase sales and acquire a competitive edge.