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Restaurant Inventory Management System for Higher Profit!

In Restaurant Operations food, beverages and labor are main expenses. There are several different items of raw food used in the restaurant. With poor inventory management, a lot of material is wasted. Manual inventory is time-consuming and results in errors. In the management of an inventory, the most important thing is to control profitability, eliminate

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Impact of Goods and Service Tax on the Retail Industry

There are huge benefits of GST on retail sector to alleviate the problems of India’s indirect system which poses a serious threat to the formation of a single common market.. Indian retail sector is one of the fastest growing sector being 5th largest retail destination in the world. The retail industry is growing in every corner of the country. On July

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POS Software and ERP Software for Retailers!

Both big and small retailers are looking for smart solutions to enhance their revenues. The basic thing here is what actually increasing revenue means for a retailer! They have to decide whether they want to just boost their sales or advance their enterprise. Let’s first answer the question that how to leverage the retail sales business. In order to

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LOGIC ERP Solutions: A Benchmark for Best Retail Solutions

LOGIC ERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd., under the aegis of its Managing Director –Swarndeep Singh, is a company that intervened into IT Services in the year 1993. Where traditional retail software vendors provide only in-store operation and PoS (Point of Sales) management, LOGIC offers niche vertical-specific business application for retail industry. It serve as a

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Omni Channel Retailing By LOGIC ERP

Omni-channel retailing is more than a trend— it’s what consumers are demanding. Thus truly, “Omnichannel as a means of improving service for customers and has developed and start with a plan, the first of which enables shoppers to buy online and pickup in any store. All this is designed so that customers can shop however, wherever and whenever

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