Welcome to LOGIC ERP User Guide
Installation of LOGIC Apparel
System Requirements
Installing LOGIC for single user
Installing LOGIC for multiple user (Server)
Installing LOGIC for multiple user (Client)
Maintaining Company Data
Connection Settings
Company Creation
Current Backup
Creating My Menu
My Menu
My Reports
Master Creation
Account Master
Location Master
Setup Country
Setup State
Setup City
Account Groups Creation
Adding/Modifying/Deleting Account Groups
Allocating & Deallocating Accounts To Group
Balance Sheet Grouping
Account\Ledger Creation
Create New Account
Modifying/ Deleting Account
Other Details
Ledger and Month Totals
Filter & Sort Account Tree
Transport Master
Enter opening Trial
Allocating Customer To Banks
Setup Pre Defined Narrations
Item Master
Item Brand/Company Creation
Item Shades/Color Creation
Item Pack/Sizes Creation
Item Groups Creation
Adding\Modifying\Deleting Item Groups
Allocating & Deallocating Item Groups
Godown Master
Item Master Creation
Item With Multiple Pack/Size
Item With Multiple Company+Shade+Size
Tax Master
Setup Tax Types (Sale)
Setup Tax Types (Purchase)
Setup Company Taxes - Grid Mode
Setup Item Taxes - Grid Mode
Setup Company + Group Wise Taxes
Setup Group Wise Taxes - Grid Mode
Salesman Master
Setup Salesman
Salesman + Party Linking
Party Wise Default Master
Supplier Wise Defaults
Supplier +  Companies
Supplier +  Items
Set Supplier Wise Default TD\CD\TAX
Set Supplier Wise Taxes
Item Wise Defaults (Purchase)
Customer Wise Defaults
Item Wise Defaults (Sale)
Set Party Wise Taxes
Supplier/Customer Wise Defaults
Edit Rates In Item Master
Party + Company Wise Defaults
Set Party Wise Defaults
Purchase Configurations
Purchase Voucher Configurations
Print Options
Print Columns
Header And Footer
Page Formatting
Other Settings-1
Foot Details
Calculation Mode
Other Settings
Column Locks
Define Rate Formulas
Narration Formula
Other Settings-2
Other Settings-3
Purchase Order Configuration
General Settings
Print Options
Other Settings
Purchase Multiple Printing Configurations
Print Options
Print Settings
Sale Configurations
Setup Bill Series
Sale Voucher Configuration
Print Options
Print Columns
Header And Footer
Foot Details
Other Settings-1
Calculation Mode
Other Settings
Column Locks
Narration Formula
Other Settings-2
Other Settings-3
Sale Order Configuration
Print Options
Other Options
Sale Multiple Printing Configuration
Print Options
Print Settings
Journal Voucher Configuration
Cash/Bank Voucher Configuration
Purchase/Stock In Process
Order Processing
Purchase Order
Purchase Challan (Receipt Note)
Purchase Voucher
Purchase Return (Debit Note)
Receipts Register
Quality Control Process
Stock Transfer- Lot Wise
Stock Transfer- Godown Wise
Branch Transfer In
Purchase Order Register
Pending Purchase Order Status Report
Completed + Pending Purchase Orders Report
Item-Size Wise Purchase Order Report
Purchase Order History Report
Purchase Challan Register
Purchase Challan (Summary) Report
Pending Challan Report
Purchase Challan Detail Report
Purchase Register
Bill + Party Wise Purchase Report
Bill + Party + Item Wise Purchase Report
Company + Item Wise Purchase Report
Group + Item Wise Purchase Report
Purchase Return Register
Analysis Tool
Periodical Purchase
Category Wise Top Purchase
Brand Wise Top Purchase
Sale/Dispatch Process
Order Processing
Sale Challan (Delivery Note)
Sale Invoice
Sale Return (Credit Node)
Issue Register
Enter G.R. Details
Record Retail Foot Falls
Branch Transfer Out
Sale Order Register
Pending Sale Order Report
Pending Sale Order-Size Wise Report
Customer+Item+Size Wise Sale Order Analysis
Sale Challan Register
Sale Challan Summary Report
Pending Sale Challan Report
Sale Challan Hitory Report
Sale Register
Bill + Party Wise Sale Analysis
Customer + Item (Size Wise) Sale Analysis
Item+Size+Shade Wise Sale Report
Group + Item Wise Sale Report
Sale Return Register
Analysis Tool
Top Sold Items
Sales (MOP) Analysis
Area Wise Top Parties Sale
Best Category Sale Area Wise
Accouting Transactions/Vouchers
Cash Vouchers
Enter Receipt No (Cash Receipt)
Cash Receipts
Cash Payments
Bank Vouchers
Bank Receipts
Bank Payments
Enter Cheque No (Bank Payment)
Post Dated Cheques (Receipts)
Post Dated Cheques (Payments)
Enter Cheque Clearing
Convert  P.D Cheques To Cheque For Collection
Realise Cheques For Collection (Receipts)
Journal Voucher
Journal Entry
Adjust Bills Receivable/Payable
Templates Feature
TDS (Tax Deducted At Source)
Cash Book
Bank Book
Bank Reconciliation Statement
Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
TDS Computation
CRM- Customer Relationship Management
Setup Retail Customers
Setup Location
Setup Customer Status
Setup Retail Customer
Setup Discount Slab Types
Setup Discount Slabs
Allocate Customers To Discount Slabs
Enter Customer Opening Balance
Set Customer Points Configuration
Set Customer Discount Cards
Setup Gift Vouchers
Setup Discount Coupons
Setup Purchase Based Segments
Update Retail Customer Master For Segments
Retail Transactions
Point Redemption
Discount Coupons
Gift Vouchers
Retail Customer Directory
Retail Customer Wise Sale
Customer Points Ledger Report
Payroll Setups
Setup Allowance/Deduction
Setup Grades
Setup Holidays
Setup Payroll Time Period
Setup Payroll Shifts
Setup Employee Group
Setup Employee Department
Setup Employees
Allocate Employee To Grades
Allocate Employees To Employee Types
Allocate Employees To Allow/Ded Config
Payroll Entry (dll error)
Enter Opening Balance of Leaves
Attendance Register
Employee Attendance Register-Month Wise
Worker Wise Loan Entry
Worker Wise Payment/Advance Entry
Worker Wise Loan Installment Receipt through Cash/Bank
Mark Attendance at Gate-In
Mark Attendance at Gate-Out
Import Attendance from Remote Database
Payroll Generation
Payroll Reports
Attendance Status Report
Payroll Summary Report
Employee Provident Fund Deduction
ESI Deduction Statement
Employee Register
Employee + Allow / Deduction + Month Wise Payroll Report
Set Branches
Setup Branches
Setup Branch Groups
Allocating & Deallocating Branches To Group
Stock Transfer
Export Accounts/Branches/Taxes
Import Accounts/Branches/Taxes
Export Item Master
Import Item Master
Export Stock Transfer
Import Stock Transfer
FTP Settings (Global)
Other Settings related to Import/ Export
FTP Settings
Setup Process Groups/ Processes
Setup Production Unit
Setup BOM Raw Material Types
Setup BOM Expenses
Setup Job Order Instruction
Setup Production Rejection Reason
Setup Machines
Item + Process Raw Material Specs  (Grid Mode)
Setup Production Season
Setup Production Season Periods
Production Process
Job Order
First Process- Cutting
Issue for Processing -First Process
Issue Assigned Raw Material- Internal
Receipts against Issues- Internal
Consumption/ Receipt of RM against Assigned Issues- Internal
Second Process- Stitching
Issue for Processing -Internal
Issue Assigned Raw Material- Internal
Receipts against Issues- Internal
Consumption/ Receipt of RM against Assigned Issues- Internal
Internal/ External Process
Production Reports
Raw Material Reports
Job Order Wise Raw Material Defined
Job Order Wise Raw Material Assigned
Job Order Wise RM Consumed
Job Order Wise RM Requirement
Job Order Wise Work in Progress
Finished Good Reports
Stock Report- Stock Status + Production WIP Reports
Pending Job Order Report
Job Order Production Status
Receipt Against Issue Report
Production Issue/ Receipts Ledger
Job Order Wise Costing From RM/ Processing
Create Barcode Configuration
Design Barcode
Home Screen
Data Source
Page Setup
Print Pre-View
Rich Text
Design Dashboard
Pivot Grid
Drill Down Group
Filter List
Grid View
DB-Design View
Sale Bill Print Designer (.Net)
How to Design Sale Bill?
Header Properties
Field Properties
Table Properties
Item Details- (Bound Table)
Table Defination
Attribute Columns in Bound Table
Table Header
Table Footer
Additional Features
Other Options
Data Backup
Welcome to LOGIC GST User Guide
GST Implementation in LOGIC
Manage Companies
Setup Branches
Setup New Account
Enter Customer/ Supplier Other Details
Setup Item Groups
Setup Harmonious Code
Allocate Items to Harmonious Codes/ Descriptions
Edit Tax Region
Setup Tax Types (Sale)
Setup Tax Types (Purchase)
Set Group Wise Tax
Link Tax Types (Rate basis)- Purchase
Link Tax Types (Rate basis)- Sale
Sale Bill
Sale Bill Print
Designer Printing
Old Printing
Purchase Register A/c Wise
Sale Tax Register
Welcome to LOGIC HSN Codes (GST) User Guide
Setup Harmonious Codes
Allocate Items to Harmonious Codes/ Descriptions
EWay Implementation in LOGIC
Setup Transporter
Generate GST e-Way Bill Number
GST Returns
Allocate GST e-Way Bill Number To Voucher
Generate Consolidated GST e-Way Bill Number
Sale Bill Print
Designer Printing
Default Printing

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